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Hey guys! We will share you some study tips that perfectly works all the time. By the way, kudos to those people who are studying to pass an examination. Some of you might have been looking solutions or tips to help your mind work when reading or studying. Well here are the most TOP 15 most recommended words of advice that we can typically share you!

Every mind has its own logical understanding and mindset. How will you set your mind from its own function? There are hundreds of methods to keep yourself at ease and focused. Remember to make yourself in condition before putting your mind on the READ MODE. Never forget to keep everything in place because a well and organized mind helps a lot.

15 Study Tips to Help Your Mind Work While Studying and Reading

  1. Mild to Moderate Brewed Coffee. A brewed hot or cold coffee can tune-up your brain system. This also contribute to good circulation of blood all throughout your body thus prevents different types of mental disorder such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s and other Mental Depression related illness.
  2. Use a highlighter. Always use a highlighter when your vision is not equal to the font size of the text. This will prevent much strain to extra-ocular muscle. One way of prevention from damaging your pupils that when used frequently it develops headache and migraine as it adapts on the tiny and small words written.
  3. Sit in an Upright Position. There are no other way to have a good story when the body functions well too. When reading while seating it is more advisable to sit up erect than stooping.It is best recommended to lean your back on the leaning board of the chair to help the circulation of your blood to feed your brain cells with enough oxygen. Keep it upright! Its has also proven that slouching can reduce oxygen circulation and will end up on yawning and sleepy.
  4. Mellow/Country Music to No Music at All. It depends on your mood in which you would prefer. Most of people are comfortable reading in a quite environment but some literally loves to blend their reading style with music. It doesn’t matter anyway but to provide your comfort just play tunes on a mellow and soft harmony not to acquire ear and brain disturbance.
  5. Close Feet Position. The rationale behind of closing your feet when studying is that it improves the warmth and comfort of your knee joints and legs that can
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  6. Activate/Reduce Eye Strain Mode. – When reading or studying using your phone/tablet or PC mode you must enable the Anti-radiation and Reduce Eye Strain Mode to prevent too much exposure to radiation and pressure to your optical nerves. You must also avoid using laser or beam type devices. 89% of people doesn’t use UV and Anti-radiation protection tools and triggers the censorial
  7. Organize your resources accordingly. Before you start reading, ensure that your workplace or reading table is cleared enough to give your mind spaces. Organized mind contribute to a neat and clearer understanding and it start from your desk.
  8. Keep Distance from your Head to your book/gadget that you are using. To avoid muscular spasm from most of the superior part of the body you must not bend much over to keep your eyes contact to the words. Doing this may also prevent spinal injury. Good Posture can develop a better reading habit as well promote the circulation.
  9. Avoid biting your pen. First of, it is not a chewing gum nor any food. Yes, it becomes a habit most of readers. They tend to do this action due to anxiety problem or nerve tics response. When doing so this will become a habit in a later stage it will develop a problem and will affect your reading cycle. It will damage your teeth and gums. harden oral muscles and will result to mandibular rigidity.
  10. Chew a gum instead of crackers. Definitely another way to promote your reading skills. Chewing gum helps improve memory and cognitive performance. It’s been proven that chewing a gum enhances the flow of blood circulation to the brain by 20 to 40 percent. An increase in blood flow to the brain results in an increase in the amount of oxygen delivered to the brain, which in turn increases brain function efficiency. Cognitive functions like memory, concentration, and reaction times improve when people chew gum.A professor at the British Sciences Institute in Australia named Andrew Sholey, has found that short-term memory improves by up to 35 percent just by chomping on a stick of gum. However, chewing too much will interfere with short-term memory, he cautions.
  11. Avoid Time Pressure. When studying, avoid putting pressure on yourself due to limited time. Enjoy while studying and best advise is to study ahead of time. Putting a lot of pressure may result to low level performance and score. Most of the brain can adapt only 30% of Fast comprehension and familiarization of words. It takes time when reading new words and understanding them. You need to focus on the paragraph to absorb the story, context and other clues. It may also be recommended to cease on checking on other things too much as it interrupts your mind cognition as what data your brain has collected may just disappear suddenly.
  12. Drink enough water. Drinking lot of water may hydrate your body and ease from muscle contraction as well feeds your cells. Drinking water cools off your head especially when you are reading more than an hour. Never drink too much desired water as it will make your stomach bloat and will always experience frequent urination or urgency.
  13. Read near the waterfront or beaches. Reading near on the beach may help promote better logical aspect. It is a perfect scenery to maintain your mind cool and relax. This will help your brain absorb more faster than on the usual grounds.
  14. Try reading cluttered text and diagrams. Technically, it enhances your brain capacity to recognize and familiarize words. Reading cluttered text promotes the brain faster understanding and logical reasoning. Study shown, those people that reads in a cluttered text frequently denotes the high rate of fast understanding from a first paragraph of content and can read faster than others.
  15. Dim light or Cool Light Arrays. Use of dimmer lighting than warmer lamps to reduce exhaustion from your iris and pupils. Keep an Anti-radiation or UV 400 Lenses when trying to read in a Warmer lighting.

Each people have different habits when reading and studying. They have different passion so each of them adapts to environments but what we provided are often practice to fewer generations. Always remember to read and study using your own styles and guides. If what you do is best and fits for you then it will suit you. Be comfortable and genuine to focus finishing what you read.

There are different ways to help you achieve your study and reading habits! You just have to explore them. Please leave a comment on the box below to express your suggestions and desires. If you are ought to add some information it would be much funnier. We share articles to help others too.™ | Copyright soft

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