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We are pretty sure that most of us encountered partners that is cheating on you. We all have that perfect dream of having a good relationship and partner to grow old with, but there are Love Stories of most people ending by break-ups and hurt. So we are all here to identify those signs that can help you identify them as soon as possible. This may or may not guarantee to solve any problem as it depends on different situation.

Everybody would definitely wound agree how awful it may seems when you are engaging to a so-called serious relationship and find out you are into a trouble. Mistakes are often done since we are weak when it comes to relationship especially pertaining to couples, love, affection and so on. These mistakes could lead to a disaster, you know how it feels being cheated. It brings you anger and hatred but the worse is it can  lead you to your dark side.

As I myself had experienced this with my partner late back 2012, I encountered this heart-breaking scenarios that will really shut your whole world down. Well, we are here to let you know what are the early signs that you can immediately adjust when you are almost feeling something fishy in your relationship.


Jealousy is one of the most controversial feeling that an individual may experience. This anger from him/herself could possibly lead to a terrible vengeance manner. There are late cases that has been reported that almost 5 out of 10 people commits suicide, murder and negative emotional impact from the inward emotions.

There are people that can’t easily handle their emotions toward others. They really see things short and tiny that they could collapse in that specific aspect of their emotions. Well, getting rid of that feeling is never been easy.


There are no words that can explain of being good when you are cheated and almost dying from that emotion. Believe me, this feeling can come up with a greater objectives and personal goals.


  1. Rejects Your Phone Calls Often. There are no other reason why your partner would reject your calls often. Unless he/she is hiding something that he doesn’t want you to hear about.
  2. Doesn’t want to meet your friends. I know plenty of this safe-playing partners that keeps their relationship secret so they can eventually flirt with others dishonestly.
  3. Uses another name rather than your name or endearments. He/She is using other names of you from their phonebook just to disguise when somebody reaches out their phone especially with the other partners they have.
  4. Makes a lot of excuses all the time. People that has lot of excuses are people that doesn’t want to do much things about themselves. Way explains that they don’t want to much about in your relationship in a little description. NO EFFORTS.
  5. When in Public, They wants distance spaces. Aside from keeping a relationship, they prefer not to walk with you together as they are not comfortable accepting you in the first place. They just need you for some material or purpose.
  6. Prefer to visit places by his/her own. It may seem familiar with the number 5 sign but this just means instead walking around and visiting places with you they intent to keep it much more closer by themselves that having somebody around them. – THEY GOTTA LOVE THEIR SELVES.
  7. Keeps too much privacy. Firstly, it is rally understandable to keep each couples privacy to maintain a good stance of relationship. Farther privacy just means plenty of secrets hidden in the chest of David Jones Locker. In my opinion, this is not a good practice. Since you and your partner have both agreed that you should be sharing each other the way it has to be. Each of the couple must be open to any type of circumstances.
  8. Pretend to dramatize when he/she did something wrong.
  9. Goes home late frequently.
  10. No connection between both Social Network.
  11. He/She refuses to tell everything.
  12. Unable to explain in straight words when confronted.
  13. He/She doesn’t want to communicate with you.
  14. Visit with friends instead hanging over with you.
  15. Refuses to meet you and prefer to stay at home.
  16. Say a lot of Sorry’s and overdone mistakes.
  17. Eyes towards other Guys/Gals instead looking at you.
  18. Doesn’t meet your interest.
  19. Prefer to be on the opposite side when eating together.
  20. No Strings Attached.
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