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We will be giving you some round up ideas about the list of unauthorized Philippine investment. Many people are eager and desperate to get involved to businesses. However, there are Pros and Cons when entering to such business. People must be aware and critical in choosing business. Every business requires significant money to attain the needs of the investors and its investing company. Such cases are very risky,

Starting a business now a days are very crucial and essential part of living. Most people to intend to invest on any business just to earn a living and we can’t blame those people who invest in any transactions, negotiation just to earn some penny for their expenses but there are lot of scam bags in literal who would take advantage of people in different methods.

People are longing to seek financial freedom and stability on every opportunity they encounter. Decisions are very important in this aspect as you are about to change everything in your life. To some people specially to most money is very important and can now make your life better. If we will be talking here the practicality well then we are on the “agreeing-mode”.

Now we will be indicating here some reasons, tips and where-about why people take risk money. People invest in different terms, such cases they eventually taking the goals of turning the table by opportunity.


There are bunch of reasons why people invest. In this topic we will be pertaining on the Top 5 Reasons why people invest and what are the risks.

  1. SECURITY AND FINANCIAL FREEDOM – The most top reason why people invest because they want a stable and secured life. On the other hand, people will make investments to seek Financial Freedom. If you are the type of person who understand how important this is then you are a practical type of individual. People bound their life to fulfillment and endeavor to achieve more rewards and better life.
  2. STABILITY – Who among us doesn’t want to come up with a situation of healthy and better living. GENERALLY SPEAKING the greener Pasteur, well yes we could volunteer in to that. Stable life is what we need to breath more deeper and enough spaces from the problems or at least minimize the burden we encounter in life.
  3. OPPORTUNITY – Why people invest? No doubts about this and surely the answer is they grab opportunities that they once regret. If you are a good and wise decision maker then you will never let things past by again and again especially when its opportunity, unless you are used of a low-profile dream caster.
  4. SURVIVAL – One of the main reason why we invest is that we really need to survive. We just don’t depend on the short term investment but rather we need of course, to secure our life and families health to a better good.\
  5. WANTS & NEEDS – I think even if you are a wise business man it can be hardly undeniable to accept the fact that we have this luxury “Luho” things in our mind that we surely craving for. Aside from this luxuries we also have those basic needs that we have to comply such as Bills, Expenses on water, electricity and miscellaneous that might as well be in great help to develop are personal life.


You are probably waiting on this header part of the topic on How or What are the tips to make a better investments. Well, aside that we will be giving you this TOP 5 Best INVESTMENT TIPS the other tips will be revealed by you. Yes you do, It depends on you it will be on your idea and experiences to encounter such scenarios that you “Must and Mustn’t do” when investing.

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Before you invest or risk your money, you should first:

  1. Know the Company Background – It is very important to know the background of the company and its mission and goals. From the minimal damage from your property it is wise to avoid being a target of business scam.
  2. Read plenty of Reviews and Comments – This can be very helpful. Due to a very advanced technology in communication we can now read tons of text on the internet. We can read reviews through different users and we can link through their feedback to share and warn different people on different geological areas.
  3. Never Trust Anyone – Even your best pal can make you believe of things. Especially when it comes to promotional advertising. Don’t make yourself be fooled get attracted by what you see on pictures and posts on Social Medias but make yourself open.
  4. Go through a deep research or investigation of the company – When it’s time for you to invest especially a big amount of money is involve it is normal and advisable to make a good decision. It is normal to think thrice before investing.


You can read more archives and advisories from the Official SEC Website. Always make sure that the company you are entering is accredited, registered and authorized to make transactions and legalities to make solicitation and investments.

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