ONECOIN Prepares the IPO Phase to be Publicize

Onelife Latest News Update. Today as the OneLife Company gathers millions of investors from the globe, people are waiting for the official announcement from any speaker of the company. As we remember on the 2013th of October, Onelife harvested from 100 – 1 Million Users to mine about 23,900,000 tokens.

According to some paid websites. The Official OneLife Offices from Bulgaria were raided by the police due to suspicious activities on the blockchain system and documents provided by the company. A forced investigation was done by the Police of Bulgarian Police Department.

Onelife and OneCoin took another milestone to step toward its goal of becoming public. Onelife will be first rendered on its own exchange platform which is the Xcoinx Platform. On the initial Phase this year, October 2018th will be the expected date it will be publicized according to its planned Road Map (not to be specified they will be testing the IPO).

ONECOIN Price and Value

OneLife offered Academic Packages that will help miners, traders and starters when dealing Tokens and Coins on the Crypto currency Market. The Starting Package is from 100 euro and now has the value of €110 Euro, prices may differ accordingly as the market price inflates. This packages are called promotional package that gives you the benefit to access the academy as you enhance your knowledge on trading and mining.


Onecoin was first established in Dubai with its own Private Block Chain. As OneLife Company make its round on the internet few users and Anti-Onecoin appraise OneCoin as like a HYIP Ponzi scheme (High-Yield Investment Program) that is more likely a scam program that is promising a bigger return from huge investment.

Onecoin with the partnership of the OneLife Network brings us the Online Shopping Tool where you can use your coins to earn through selling and it can be use with the Buy & Sell Platform.

It is already on the last week of May yet there are still no further announcements from OneLife Latest News and updates regarding the Road Map.  As what was planned lately to make the offer real and reach the Public IPO it should reach until the last day of October. It might be as well due to a delayed performance of the One Life Company as the network users slow down in increasing investors.

This could be a reason that affects the Trust and Worthiness of OneLife Network to Global Market and Investors. As what Konstantin Ignatov (brother of Dr. Ruja Ignatov) said last launched expose on Macau and Hongkong that the raid that happened during last January 2018 were dismiss and no one was arrested and all files that were confiscated are returned. Police have investigated this case and found nothing malicious nor suspicious about the business.


Please be Guided Accordingly




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Starter Package 110  € An introductory level in financial market. It is an advantage for users who are learning about crypto currency and exchange mechanism. Wish to provide 110 800 PROMOTIONAL TOKENS
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Premium Trader Package 13,750 €

Recommended for those interested in reaching a high level of proficiency in understanding the effect of behavioral biases in asset management and trading. The package offers 6 educational levels with focus on “Behavioral Economics” and the set of biases you might be affected by on the stock market

Initial launch pack 55,555 € Initial Launch Pack is an educational package which offers access to all 7 OneAcademy levels. 55,555 500 000 FREE Promotional tokens

Many people still believe that what Dr. Ruja Ignatov and company has made will make a history of fortune. Together with the IMA partners across the globe with the powerful source of private block chain it will be on the best performance of keeping the coins safe and valuable.
It might take another year for the company to stand out and make its own path to newer and lighter road. This could be a very hard case for the few investors and million users. Purchasing a OneLife Network Academy Educational Packages will grant you access to full financial marketing strategies and improve your business skills.