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Wondering why many people from late generations are experiencing more stress than those who are living in provinces? (Not to mention those who live from the far flung areas sine they really have different ways and routine in living.) People tends to be more stressful than those who live on country side for several reasons. This has been a case study of a German Researcher of Oxford from the University of Harvard.

68% of gathered data in a total population of 100 had been considered a health massive warning in United States and it is drastically rising. 39% and the remaining are more covered on the East Asia continents where this people are affected by the western country. It was claimed to have a psycho-social problem in terms of diversities and expectations. In contribution to the problem, among people are considered to experience different mental and emotional state in their perspective life.

Several attributes took place in the foundation of the human values.


  1. NOISE POLLUTION – In our modern world today people are expose to different noises made by man. There are several studies that proves how noises, sounds and music affects the human brain wave frequencies to such activities in the community. Loud noises are one of the contributors of stress depending on different impulses that it delivers once it reaches to our inner ear canal.
  2. AIR POLLUTION – Same with our environment today. We are making these air pollution everywhere, we build too many factories from building different resources from plastics and fabrication
  3. SOCIAL LIFE ADJUSTMENTS – Well, it is normal to adapt in different types of Social Life especially when it comes to adjusting on habits, routines and other fads. The real problem here is there are more people who adjust this kind of life and social behavior in slow progression. This can make them uneasy and uncomfortable to stay in the city but need to adapt for a source of cause and living.
  4. MASS TRAFFIC ENCOUNTERS. – The most common problem nowadays, TRAFFIC JAM! Where you will mostly find it on the Highways of Thousand Cars. Another perfect reason to ruin your smooth weekdays even if you prepared everything from waking up in the morning. The number one cause is too much population of cars being sold in the city and built by famous manufacturers. This will never be solve in any case if the government won’t be working anything to the problem. Common locations are from the Big Countries and Third world countries. Traffic System is not much operated and navigated as what other country is practicing such as Japan, NY, Singapore and Malaysia.
  5. JOB PRESSURE / OVERWORK. – We can never deny the fact that we need a job to pay our rents, bills and other necessities we need in order to live quite good and ordinary. There are plenty of things we need to consider before applying any positions in every company we choose and those are things that we really need to adjust and often we hate and it’s our “Bosses”. We can’t blame if some of our fellow people get absences because they deserve a break. Their are lot of employers who offer jobs to their workers in a minimum wage and sometimes lend them in empty pockets despite of hard work and overtime. This could be a reason for one stressful occupation.
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