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A new successful event just happen on the day of September 17th 2018. This has been the first organized Post Graduate Course in Emergency Medicine event that was made in the history of EVRMC (Eastern Visayas Regional Medical Center) in a contribution to the efforts of Speakers, Staff and other personnel. The purpose of the said event is to share the knowledge and ideas on the preparation of different set-up and interventions from the community to different areas of Emergency Medicine.

The theme name was “EM WITHIN YOUR REACH” in which has the tagline of “Bridging the gap in the community.”. The event was made through the intelligent minds of our representatives and other personnel who collaborated the successful event.EM WITHIN YOUR REACH- ER EVRMC POST GRAD

The event have reached its new full-face potential to 600 participants and more are coming according to the latest logistics and statistics during registration. It have come to a suggestion of creating more such simple yet enormous event.

The Department of Emergency Medicine Chariman, Dr. Aron Balais,MD,FPCEM, DABWM,FACCWS was surprisingly cleared it out that they conducted the event to attain a good Emergency Response and Handover from the Rural Areas to Hospital referrals and to obtain more knowledge and experience of a good quality health care services.

Providing here the EM Consultants:

  • Dr. Patrick Joseph Tiglao
  • Dr. Francis Bonn Blanco, MD,FPCEM
  • Guadencio Abel D. Garcia,

Also to include the EM Residents for their very important tasks and assignments:

  • Charlotte Anne V. Tiu, MD
  • Michelle Lyn O. Sanchez, MD
  • Lloyd B. Amparado,MD
  • Jed Paul G. Guzman,MD
  • Glenn Kenneth G. Guzman, MD
  • Jakko Jake K. Dublado, MD
  • Jo Anne May M. Abalaos, MD
  • Rima L. Absin, MD
  • Arthrich Charbel C. Absin, MD
  • Lyzander P. Villalon, MD

EM Facility:

  • Kristie Rose C. Antonio, MD,FPCP
  • Zyneil Proto B. Brazil, MD, FPCP
  • Rommel T. Villamor, MD
  • Razil Lyn B. Romero, MD
  • Sean M. Declarador, MD
  • Christy Ann C. Saladaga, MD
  • Frederic Joseph P. Asanza, MD
  • Rian Glyde N. Baco, MD
  • Maria Rizza Devora, MD

Mentioning above the Technical Support & Assistance Staff for their different delegation and service rendered to provide an exceptional event.


There were speakers and guests that were invited during the event as well to answer every questions from the Open forum for those participants who attended. Each speakers has their own Major Topics and Medical advice to assure that each questions are being answered and rationalized.EVRMC POST GRAD - LECTURERS, MD

Dr. Aron Balais as the head of the event and the Chairman of Department of Emergency Medicine, he started the discussion with an opening remarks, followed by Dr. Agosto for the Message from the EVRMC MCC.

Speakers and Special Guest:

  • TOXICOLOGY EMERGENCY – Dr. Patrick Joseph Tiglao
  • Pediatric Emergencies – Dr. Patrick Joseph Tiglao, MD,FPCEM
  • EMERGENCY MEDICINE Dr. Kristie Rose Antonio
  • EMED/EMS/TRAUMA CARE – Dr. Jusie Estrada

Topics were tackled according to speakers and designated medical expertise.

More activities and workshop were done in the afternoon. The workshop were categorized to different interest and workshop enhancement and training. The workshop is a great initiative done by the EMED and HEADS to facilitate and engage more participant to involve in different practice and ideas.


Those workshop were subcategorize as for EMERGENCY MEDICINE SURGERY/TRAUMA CARE/PREPARTION SETUP – Initiated by Dr. Estrada, Dr. Salidaga and Dr Tiglao with an actual returen demonstration by EMS Staff of EVRMC (Ronvic Agner, Arnold Bren Bantaculo, Jeff Yepez, and other supporting members).

From the other areas of the convention were the Wound Care (Discussed by Dr. Villamor & Jerry Somera) & Emergency Medicine – Critical Care (Dr. Blanco) that are settling in for the discussion and workshop.

Among those workshop there are essential topics that were contributed such as working with the Hyperbaric Chamber, Intubation Emergency First – Protocol & Guidelines in Critical Care.


Major sponsors:

  • Euromed
  • Natrapharm
  • Other pharmaceuticals
  • LRI Therapharma
  • Icarelife
  • Metropharma
  • Getz
  • New marketlink
  • RBGM Sy
  • Medical Cathay
  • Sanofi
  • Westmont
  • MSD


DJ concrete solutions

  • (Dexter Julio)
  • The One Gastrobar
  • ( Brian Granados) Mr & Mrs Kenneth Balais
  • Mrs. Felyn Austero Espina
  • Ray Salvado
  • Galdys Deguia
  • Anita Brown
  • Jun Lombre
  • Victorio Galapon

Thanks and Credits to all who made their effort for a Successful and Astounding Event:

DEM (Department of Emergency) Staffs *Armi Lagado, Jerbs Llames and Nursing Staffs.

A Big Credit to the two Photographers inside and out of the mini convention

© Clyde Anthony GeliJan Vincent Eamiguel – Private Photographers

Location: The event was done at the “PATIO VICTORIA”, Address: San Jose-Candahug Road, Tacloban City, 6500 Leyte


Phone: (053) 530 0836

Catering Services

For more information and details regarding updates of the events, Like  DEM EVRMC Official Facebook Fan Page.

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