Je Naz Tipster/ June 15, 2018

As the new wave rise up and form into a bigger colossal event, Revolution Production with the participation of different Companies and Organization, welcomes the new huge hike of celebration this coming June 29, 2018. Way back on 2016 as the Revolution Production made its step to fulfill better music and disco among the Filipinos to produce variants of local talents and artist the celebration of get together event As the new memorandum order was released lately from the Office of the Mayor in Tacloban City. An E.O. (Executive Order) declaring the suspension of classes on all school levels and suspension of work in all government offices in Tacloban City. encourages everyone to participate its JUNE’s FESTIVAL CELEBRATION. 29th of

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Top 20 Shop Saving Tips

Je Naz Tipster/ June 4, 2018

Hey Guys! I know everybody loves to shop, especially if you want to buy something that you’ve been wanted for so long. It really gives you the spirit of personal wellness and development. When is the best time you spend your money? Are you fond of spending your cash or credit card on every salary of the month or depends on what your eyes would love to have? You might like to read our Best Saving Tips When Shopping. 5 Tips Before Shopping You must know this tips before going to a shopping trip, this might help you to keep your money on the right track and use time efficiently. Create a bucket list. This bucket list will make your

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How to Apply A Student Permit in the Philippines

Je Naz Tipster/ May 16, 2018

A Must Know Before Applying a Student Permit in the Philippines If you are eager to learn how to drive a Motor Vehicle (MV) or any Public or Private Vehicle then you must know this. Driving a car or Motor Vehicle is not as easy as it seems like driving a bicycle. You need to have skills and train yourself with this, otherwise it may put you in to a danger. We will be posting here the requirements needed and what you must do before applying a Students Permit. QUALIFICATIONS Must be at least seventeen (18) years old. Must be physically and mentally fit to operate any motor vehicle. Must able to read and write in Filipino or English or

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10 Travelers Tips You Need To Remember When Traveling

Faith Ballesteros/ May 10, 2018

Travelers Tips When Traveling and Staying Out of Boarders Planning to go somewhere? Well, I made an article for safe travelers tips. Keep out from obstacles and dangers. Be safe! I know that travelling is a way of self exploration to places where you would love to got. Remember this important tips before going out somewhere. We all have that sense of adventure within us. We like to, at least, think of going to different places. Especially to places we’ve never been to before. Unfortunately, not all of us are used to travel, and sometimes we don’t know what to bring or what to do. So, we have decided to give you the tips when traveling abroad! 1. Bring the

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