How to Download Videos & Music for Free

Je Naz Tipster/ July 2, 2018

There are lot of  Websites offers Internet for Free as speaking Download Videos, Music and E-books. Basically almost everything on the internet is paid. They will charge you in any methods that they can do like ATM Debit Cards. Now a days there are lot of website that offers free service and even FREE DOWNLOADS that you can easily click on their buttons. We are aware on the modern world of the internet and its advance technology used no doubt it can access almost everything of your data. It is not advisable to click on almost everything. Top reason why it’s because of the security and privacy that can be attacked by hackers and malicious people. There are different tricks

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Je Naz Tipster/ May 23, 2018

About 80% people in general population worldwide are using internet and applications to increase Facebook likes. Almost 50% of them uses Facebook and other Social Networking Site. No doubt, it has been a global phenomenon from the time of 20’s it served lot of total ads and network about business and marketing. What purpose it provided, it surely catered almost half a billion nations worldwide. Most of the users engaging with Facebook are from the Asia countries and 1/2 are from the European and American Countries. Facebook was launched at early 90’s near year 2000. It occupied much attention with the other social networking sites such as Friendster. Friendster was then recognized as highly customizable HTML and Java Script social

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Je Naz Tipster/ May 22, 2018

HOW TO FIX FACEBOOK OPEN GRAPH PROBLEM WITH FACEBOOK SHARING DEBUGGER Fixing a Facebook OPEN GRAPH Feature Set such as Featured Image,Title,Description. Normally Website has it’s own Meta Facebook Sharing Debugger Open Graph Display or as we call OG: Featured Image,Title,Description and many more. So your are planning to share a link from a website article/blog post to Facebook, yet the Facebook Images and Description or Title is not appearing well. This happens when you created an article from your website that Facebook primarily rendered the caching late from your post. Example of this is fixing a website through a Meta Tag  is placing a code from Open Graph or Social Meta Types: Blog/Article/Website Post to Facebook Sharing Debugger INSERT THIS

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Top Tips to Speed Up Internet Connection with DNS

johnma/ April 20, 2018

SPEED UP INTERNET CONNECTION: FASTEN THE SPEED METER TRICK Tired with your slow connection? Then let us speed up internet connection you have. Paying with the Telephone Company and Wasted money for a low quality Service? Well, You just stuck on the right place. You might been to this page through a link or through a desperate action of searching for a new trick, unfortunately as legend says ” Nothing can beat the Legend ” – Yeah!, It’s the same old Trick that we will gonna be using and mind you it never pass out. It still completely Old School but never fails. Let us begin, it works on every devices and gadgets as long with IPCS or Internet Protocol

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How to Create Website Fast with Free Domain + Hosting

johnma/ April 18, 2018

Create Website with Free Domain & Free Hosting Yes you read it right, you can now create website of your own with a Registered Domain for Free and hosted by your own name server or with those free web hosting sites such as (infinity free, 000webhost and many more) to be discuss later on. You can now create website of your own with registered free domain using some basic tools and a little technical knowledge to make your awesome Blog, Website or Web Channel. It will be an advantage for a website owner to have a technical knowledge regarding on back end and front end coding but well then sometimes it is not necessary if you only wanted to blog

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Facebook Protection Settings Regarding Users Data

johnma/ April 16, 2018

FACEBOOK PROTECTION has emphasize the “Protecting Your Information” Notice Facebook protection setting featured-enable to all its users using the application or browsers which is the Facebook Protection. This must have been the next move of the Huge Company to elaborate the rights and protections of all their users regarding the BFF and HOAX Videos that was presenting on the Privacy Protection, Policy and Security on the Congress that was once Mark Zuckerberg (Founder & CEO of Facebook) was into. As we recall on the intimacy against people, who were using Facebook’s rights in terms of their services as well with the other Giant Companies, the outbound protection of users have been compromised as people were on the shocking state on

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