Je Naz Tipster/ October 2, 2018

Wondering why many people from late generations are experiencing more stress than those who are living in provinces? (Not to mention those who live from the far flung areas sine they really have different ways and routine in living.) People tends to be more stressful than those who live on country side for several reasons. This has been a case study of a German Researcher of Oxford from the University of Harvard. 68% of gathered data in a total population of 100 had been considered a health massive warning in United States and it is drastically rising. 39% and the remaining are more covered on the East Asia continents where this people are affected by the western country. It was claimed

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Je Naz Tipster/ May 29, 2018

EVRMC (EASTERN VISAYAS REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER) TURNOVER Eastern Visayas Regional Medical Center, a tertiary hospital with sophisticated services and staffs are giving us lot of memories to pursue to fulfill bigger dreams. EVRMC (Eastern Visayas Regional Medical Center). After the successful inauguration done past few weeks (EVRMC MAIN) and last year SEPTEMBER 2017 (OPD BUILDING) in different areas of the hospital, a touching-warming speech were delivered by different speakers especially from the non-profit organization JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) funded project who funded to build up the new establishment at BAGACAY, EASTERN VISAYAS, LEYTE near CABALAWAN Road. As what each speaker have speech. (Minister Atsushi Kuwabara of the Embassy of Japan, JICA chief representative Susumu Ito, ASEC Leonita P. Gorgolon, former

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Top 10 Tips on How to Prevent Pimples and Acne: Remedies

Paulina Dagsa/ May 2, 2018

Having problem on how to prevent pimples? Getting rid of Skin Problems are very hard to handle, unless you know what are the steps to follow. One of the reasons probably is how to avoid pimples, skin tags, acne and other major skin problem. It may have been a very tiring day for you thinking about this things, it could be a misery You don’t need to spend a lot of cosmetic products for simple skin problems such as pimples. There are some simple remedies to minimize or prevent skin diseases. Sometimes we have to admit it that we need to spend some money to make our skin glow and beautiful. Lets start in Summary on what are the things

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Tips on How to Stop Smoking Habit

Jasmine Marie Baldemoro/ April 26, 2018

Hi There! Does smoking became your habit? Do you have a smoke habit? Like how many sticks or packs of cigarettes can you smoke in just a day? Well, as we all know smoking is very dangerous to our health but still many of us can’t stop smoking because it satisfies us. But there are still those who want to stop but they don’t know how, where to start or what to do. So, are you one of them? DON’T MAKE IT A HABIT Are you one of those interested enough to know the things you should do for you to control yourself not to smoke? If “YES”, then here are my tips: You may also like to read: “Benefits

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johnma/ April 22, 2018

SCOPE OF INFUSION CARE Duties and Responsibilities of Intravenous Therapy Nurse with Care The IV Therapy nurse shall be committed and competence in all aspects of IV Therapy to ensure safety and quality of patient care. He/she shall perform the following procedures but is not limited to: Utilizing the nursing process in the care of patient with Intravenous Therapy: Assessment Plan of Care Implementation Evaluation Documentation Carrying out of the physician’s written prescription for IV Therapy Preparing the necessary materials and observing the inaccuracy/error/unusualities, which include but are not limited to the following: Expiration date of IV solution and materials Cracks of IV Bottles Presence of sediments, and cloudiness of IV solution Incompatibilities of Drugs and Solution Performing peripheral veni-puncture

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Health Hygiene Can Affect Our Lifestyle and Daily Lives

Jay Max Gerardo/ April 19, 2018

 Health Hygiene Really Affects Our Lifestyle Did you know that our health hygiene affects the way we perform hygiene and will affect our lifestyle after? Well, let us explain this. Our Ancestors were active those days in their daily living even until now. This will help us track how it is possible. In the times of our ancestors. They don’t actually care about their physical appearance For them their daily routine of living is more important for survival. In fact, their more focus on having families. Until then on their type of civilization they used some materials that will upgrade their way of living this already includes shelter and comfort homes. Transient Days have arrived. People are evolving and livings

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The Eating-Right Food Pyramid Guide

johnma/ April 19, 2018

The Eating-Right Food Pyramid This Eating-Right Pyramid is a modification of the Food Pyramid presented by the General Conference of the seventh-day Adventist Nutrition Council (1993). The number to meet the daily needs of average Filipino adults considering the recommendation given by the Philippines Food and Nutrition Research Institute through Your Guide to Good Nutrition. The Food Pyramid shows five major food groups and the proportions they have to contribute if your diet is to be balanced. Although the number of exchanges recommended varies from group to group, no single food group is more important to any other. There is emphasis on the nutrient differences of fruits and vegetables and the importance of eating foods from each food group. Following

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Top 20 Tips on How to Be a Certified Nurse

johnma/ April 19, 2018

How to be a Certified Nurse Do you want to be a certified nurse? In the field of Nursing we stand as the caregiver and the leader of nursing team. We therefore handle big responsibilities for our patient’s health in specific state of Physical, Mental, Emotional and Other state of Human being. As we go on to this article I would like to point out that within the core of our field. We are the Assets of every team. Physicians can be our leader in a time of operation but with us standing beside them is more efficient and likewise a leader during operations. 5 Rules to be a Certified Nurse Practitioner: Be at ease, Use your critical senses whenever

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Exclusive Benefits Of Breast Feeding

Paulina Dagsa/ April 17, 2018

What are the Benefits Breast Feeding From the summit of Local Partners and Non-Government Organization and by the World Health Organization benefits exclusive breast feeding is being introduce with a new info graphics of enhanced learning about proper feeding to outreach each countries the importance of breast feeding that will aid few deficiencies from infants and children. Most of pregnant mothers are actually wondering and curious about this benefits of breast feeding even its advantages and disadvantages for them. Most of them are not actually educated through this method, most common reasons are could be defined by its age, beliefs or could be lack of idea on what are its purposes. The most essential vitamin/nutrients and food that could be

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Service Rendered By Nurses with Management

Jay Max Gerardo/ April 16, 2018

Service rendering as a nurse In Service, Do you sometimes qualify yourself or consider yourself as a certified and dedicated nurse? What “nurse” really mean and what is nursing? If you doubt that you are one of those dedicated nurses well then, evaluate yourself. There are lot of good points to consider when you are evaluating yourself somehow you have to reflect yourself in the mirror as you do service to the community. How do you render your service as a nurse to patients/clients or people that need your health care services. When you are receiving admissions and discharging patients from the hospital service, community service does it take you lot of responsibilities? Yes, remember you are in the circle

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Quitting on Smoking-What Benefits You Get when You Stop

Paulina Dagsa/ April 16, 2018

THE BENEFITS OF QUITTING ON SMOKING If you are a typical 20 cigarettes a day smoker, it is very difficult to say exactly what happens when you decide to stop smoking however, .but when you start quitting in smoking the chances are its smoking like this: • Within two hours of stopping, there is no more nicotine in your blood system. However it may take 2 days for the nicotine by-products to leave your body. • Within 6 hours your heart beats slowly down and your blood pressure drops slightly. It may take from 3 to 30 days for the blood pressure to return to your normal level. • Between 12 to 24 hours carbon monoxide is excreted from your

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What is a Hypertension & Risk Factors

johnma/ April 16, 2018

What is Hypertension and Why it is important to know about it To be effective in preventing and controlling NCDs, the Public health Nurse need to understand how NCDs develop and the risk factors associated with each disease. The following is a brief primer on each of the five major NCDs. For cardiovascular diseases (diseases of the heart and blood vessels), the burden of illness is mainly due to hypertension, coronary artery diseases and stroke. Each one will be briefly discussed. Diseases of the Heart and Blood Vessels (Cardiovascular Diseases)   Description Hypertension or high blood pressure is defined as a sustained elevation in mean arterial pressure/ It is not a single and a range of response state but a

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