Je Naz Tipster/ October 2, 2018

Wondering why many people from late generations are experiencing more stress than those who are living in provinces? (Not to mention those who live from the far flung areas sine they really have different ways and routine in living.) People tends to be more stressful than those who live on country side for several reasons. This has been a case study of a German Researcher of Oxford from the University of Harvard. 68% of gathered data in a total population of 100 had been considered a health massive warning in United States and it is drastically rising. 39% and the remaining are more covered on the East Asia continents where this people are affected by the western country. It was claimed

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Je Naz Tipster/ September 20, 2018

A new successful event just happen on the day of September 17th 2018. This has been the first organized Post Graduate Course in Emergency Medicine event that was made in the history of EVRMC (Eastern Visayas Regional Medical Center) in a contribution to the efforts of Speakers, Staff and other personnel. The purpose of the said event is to share the knowledge and ideas on the preparation of different set-up and interventions from the community to different areas of Emergency Medicine. The theme name was “EM WITHIN YOUR REACH” in which has the tagline of “Bridging the gap in the community.”. The event was made through the intelligent minds of our representatives and other personnel who collaborated the successful event. The event

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Je Naz Tipster/ September 13, 2018

Know the Safety Tips during the incoming typhoon. As expected, there are several changes on our global climate and it affects are ecosystem and geological weather. As we remember there are different categories of typhoon and before they are being categorized. It is our responsibility to know them and we must always update ourselves with these changes. There are few tips to remember when encountering such nature issue. RSMC Tokyo’s Tropical Cyclone Intensity Scale Category Sustained winds Very Strong Typhoon 85–104 knots 157–193 km/h Typhoon 64–84 knots 118–156 km/h Severe Tropical Storm 48–63 knots 89–117 km/h Tropical Storm 34–47 knots 62–88 km/h Back to the massive hit of the Super Typhoon Haiyan with a category 3 to 4 last November

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Je Naz Tipster/ August 27, 2018

On the recent news update on the transition phase of EVRMC (EASTERN VISAYAS REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER) follows an Official Announcement from the Head and Upper Authorities. This transfer update was planned accordingly for the Final Step “Move” towards to a Globally Competitive End-referal Hospital. Commencing from the part of transition. It was recently posted on the official page of EVRMC where it was stated through their Social Media Timeline an advisory has completely posted. “Advisory from the EVRMC Hotline: EASTERN VISAYAS REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER (EVRMC) would like to inform the public that effective 8:00 AM of October 2, 2017 Monday, the Out Patient Department (OPD) will be at its new building located at Brgy Bagacay-Cabalawan, Tacloban City. There will be no

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Je Naz Tipster/ August 12, 2018

We will be giving you some round up ideas about the list of unauthorized Philippine investment. Many people are eager and desperate to get involved to businesses. However, there are Pros and Cons when entering to such business. People must be aware and critical in choosing business. Every business requires significant money to attain the needs of the investors and its investing company. Such cases are very risky, Starting a business now a days are very crucial and essential part of living. Most people to intend to invest on any business just to earn a living and we can’t blame those people who invest in any transactions, negotiation just to earn some penny for their expenses but there are lot

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Je Naz Tipster/ July 28, 2018

Bottle in the Tire Wheels? Never heard that one before! Have you encountered a situation where you left your car for a while to pick up something then when you came back you noticed there is/were bottles placed on the Front and Back Wheels? You just got your luck to drop on this post. We will be explaining here that you are in a real danger, if you ever encountered this type of scenario. It’s been months now and many of the Netizens and people are actually having suspicion on a scenario why on earth somebody would place such thing on their tires and what are they up for. Few weeks ago, there are several videos on the internet that

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20 Signs Your Partner is Cheating on You

Je Naz Tipster/ July 25, 2018

We are pretty sure that most of us encountered partners that is cheating on you. We all have that perfect dream of having a good relationship and partner to grow old with, but there are Love Stories of most people ending by break-ups and hurt. So we are all here to identify those signs that can help you identify them as soon as possible. This may or may not guarantee to solve any problem as it depends on different situation. Everybody would definitely wound agree how awful it may seems when you are engaging to a so-called serious relationship and find out you are into a trouble. Mistakes are often done since we are weak when it comes to relationship

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Je Naz Tipster/ July 10, 2018

Hey guys! We will share you some study tips that perfectly works all the time. By the way, kudos to those people who are studying to pass an examination. Some of you might have been looking solutions or tips to help your mind work when reading or studying. Well here are the most TOP 15 most recommended words of advice that we can typically share you! Every mind has its own logical understanding and mindset. How will you set your mind from its own function? There are hundreds of methods to keep yourself at ease and focused. Remember to make yourself in condition before putting your mind on the READ MODE. Never forget to keep everything in place because a well

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How to Download Videos & Music for Free

Je Naz Tipster/ July 2, 2018

There are lot of  Websites offers Internet for Free as speaking Download Videos, Music and E-books. Basically almost everything on the internet is paid. They will charge you in any methods that they can do like ATM Debit Cards. Now a days there are lot of website that offers free service and even FREE DOWNLOADS that you can easily click on their buttons. We are aware on the modern world of the internet and its advance technology used no doubt it can access almost everything of your data. It is not advisable to click on almost everything. Top reason why it’s because of the security and privacy that can be attacked by hackers and malicious people. There are different tricks

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Top Tips to Enjoy Day Off and Spend Wisely

Je Naz Tipster/ June 30, 2018

How would you enjoy day off and spend it wisely after a long work in weekdays? There are lot of things that can be adjusted and one of this is really a funny fact and you will really enjoy it. Everybody has their own different ways to enjoy their short privilege and vacation but we will be giving more tips here. We can guess that some of you are spending the rest the day sleeping and spending in your couch! Lucky to say, you are redirected by your sensory in this article. Want to know those simple and quick fix auto manipulation of your body? Well, literally there are instances that your neurons would function the same from the time

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20 Tips to Avoid Business Scams

Je Naz Tipster/ June 25, 2018

Business Scams can literally destroy legitimate businesses and other owner properties. Brands and Trademarks are invested through money and therefore it must be taken care and used in legit way. The worse part of being scam is that it will literally destroy your personal character and affects to different elements (Relatives, Financial Properties and Own Self). If nobody warned you or you just have tried on putting yourself to an experience then it is your choice. Before doing anything you must read the 20 Tips below to learn more and how it could be prevented. WHAT IS SCAM To give you a brief and exact info of scam (*scammers,scamming – *), it is a precise definition of dishonest way of

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10 Tips to Live A Happier Life

Je Naz Tipster/ June 24, 2018

Tired of Being so Desperate to Achieve a New Life It is literally a Whole New Happier Life, where you can just sit along the couch and relax or massage on every 5 star SPA and watch those stunning cinemas elsewhere? The question is will you be able to attain them? The simple answer there is NO! Basically it depends on your stance right now. If you are a fortunate rich man then probably you can easily get them as much as you want. It is not eventually the answer that each of us are looking for. You can still experience the good life in every situation you are now. Remember, happiness and good life are never acquired by its

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