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Bottle in the Tire Wheels? Never heard that one before!

Have you encountered a situation where you left your car for a while to pick up something then when you came back you noticed there is/were bottles placed on the Front and Back Wheels?

You just got your luck to drop on this post. We will be explaining here that you are in a real danger, if you ever encountered this type of scenario. It’s been months now and many of the Netizens and people are actually having suspicion on a scenario why on earth somebody would place such thing on their tires and what are they up for. Few weeks ago, there are several videos on the internet that was published engaging people to be aware on this issues.

There are reasons why someone is placing a piece of empty bottle on your tires or wheels. Yes, it is an awareness sand warning to all Car Owners there to notice this events if you don’t want your car to be gone forever.


The first case happened on Limpopo South Africa on the February 2nd 2018. Based on CB Security North West a South African Private Company posted a warning on the internet that gathered almost half of billion share on social media specifically Facebook just over a week.

Another incident just happen on the Mexico when a man uploaded a YouTube Video where he succeeded stealing a car in prank using this new trick. Instead of placing the video for a public awareness. It instead been a Manual Guide for criminals to How-to-do it step by step tutorial. Whatever his intention maybe it could be precisely an interest for both parties.

There are about 4-6 Billion Dollars worth of value being stolen every year on the United States and some part of Asian Region. If you will have to think about it, One Country produces lots of car in specific area and spend most of them just to get stolen or hi-jacked. According to the recent statistic of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration there are only 10-15% total ratio of cars that have been recovered. Imagine how come they just got this small.

So don’t even get so confident if you got an OLD SCHOOL to CLASSIC 80’s Car out there. Thieves never choose cars that they want to steal because every car has its own value and belongings.


Of course, they need it for money. Most of this car are being Hi-jacked, Stolen and Used as Get-away car to do something illegal. Most of this car are left torn and getting sold on a Junk Shop. Some are sold in a second hand to third affordable price on the black market. They can just re-modify and paint all over your entire car so it won’t get recognize.

Some Car owners left valuable things on the car. There are others that use it or steal it for personal interest.


This is how they do it. First of if you think this article is getting interesting you might liked to SHARE IT by clicking the SHARE BUTTON ABOVE this blog post.

  1. Before you just step away from your car. This thieves already know that you have locked your CAR the way your safety features are ON. You have to think again, it is not about the EXPENSIVE LOCK SYSTEM you have in your car but the trick that they apply.This trick works just as old days when a business man step down on his car and suddenly he was pushed back from his car and it drove away.
    • They will Place an Empty Bottle of any kind on your tire just exact that it will fit and snuggled on the upper tire wheels. It is placed far from the peripheral vision of the driver where it won’t get noticed.Bottle in Tire Wheels WARNING
    • As soon as you start igniting your engine and your tires move, you will hear a crackling sound from the sides of your car. Isn’t gonna be cautious enough to turn off your car engine and lock the door to take a look if something went wrong. That’s the great opportunity for the thieves to hi-jack your car.


  1. The first one might sound odd but will surely help you. Take Your Steering Wheel with You. You can install a quick relief steering wheel so you can take it with you every time you need to get out of the car.
  2. Buy a Manual Transmission type of Car. Most of the people around the globe doesn’t know how to drive a manual transmission car. The world changes fast and innovations becomes very innovative. Automatic Transmission cars surely give you the easy and comfortable foot grip while driving and makes driving more easier but for this thieves some would just have to learn on how driving in a manual makes it complicated.
  3. Keep Windshield Clear. Got a question why? Thieves are interested on your valuable items inside. If your windshields are clear enough to be seen inside then they got nothing to steal their. Make sure to remove or hide all personal and high-valuable items in the car and make it a habit. Otherwise, when car-jackers see this valuables inside they will really intend to rob everything inside.
  4. Make your car Clean and Tidy. Doing so would give the car-jackers a second thought to steal your car or belongings inside as they would presume you are an organized person. Interpreting this kind of mind-set would leave car-jackers away from the securities around your car.
  5. ALWAYS TO TAKE AROUND. Well, this shouldn’t even get included because this is already a MAJOR and TOP 1 WAY to do before leaving the car. Never assume to park anywhere with your car because thieves are just around and you will never know when they will attack you.
  6. Make Sure You Parked Your Car Facing your House. In logic, this will be more difficult for thieves to use and drive the car in reverse.
  7. ETCH YOUR CAR’S IDENTIFICATION NUMBER OR CONDUCTION NUMBER ON EACH WINDOWS. This might not be necessary but for full security you can possibly do this to make it difficult for the thieves to sell the car when they are done with it. Placing and etching your car’s identification number on each window will help you recognize the ownership of the car through documents.
  8. USING A TIRE LOCK. Using a Tire Lock will prevent anyone to use the car. As long you have the keys. Using this one is applicable if you have a storage to place them.
  9. Use a Tracker and an Active Wireless Monitor. Most of the Car Manufacturers are already embedding or installing this safety feature  device to enable and enhance the protection of the car as well the owners.
  10. REPORT IMMEDIATELY TO THE POLICE. The best way to recover them is to report them to the Police so the police can immidiately activate there patrol cars to capture this bad guys.

If you think we provided you this safety precaution tips then mind to share us to those people who you want to read this. Remember, prevention is better than suffering later.

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