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I have already written and published almost few important articles and you can be our contributor on this blog nursing basics, principles, interventions, tips, management, online and offline marketing, nurse surf blogging, leadership, and other related topics. Those articles plus the articles contributed by our regular writers have already attracted more than thousands of people from the Philippines and the rest of the world since the birth of this blog. As of this year 2014, the number of unique visitors to our site averages 50,000 unique visitors every month, and that number is still growing.
Blogging promotes your personal brand
Writing, blogging, and publishing on this blog have given me great benefits which I am grateful of. Because of writing on this blog, some of my tips and insights have already contributed to some related blogs such as nurseslabs and medscape and became our contributor. Some of the articles I wrote for this blog have also been mentioned in other international medical/nursing blogs, school publications, online nursing communities, and social media groups in LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Aside from those benefits, I also got many friends, followers, and some critics. This blog has become the primary builder of my personal brand online and offline. Some people in my network are now even calling me “Post Them” rather than calling me in my real name.
It’s time to share your knowledge
Now, I decided to give other authors and experts an opportunity to also share their useful tips, knowledge, experience, and insights to our audience. If you own an established your own credentials or practicing your profession, you may consider contributing your piece to our blog. For example, if you own a Clinics or Hospitals, you can contribute articles on how to run a successful Type of Management Intervention to your environment. If you’re a Content Writer, you can contribute thru educational and legal practice articles to guide medical practitioners, Artist, Engineers, Content Maker, Video Blogger to practice and share their thoughts. If you manage a related accounting firm, you could also contribute useful articles on finance and accounting. If you do have basic or advance knowledge in Computer or programming that will be useful to the Hospital setups or community you can write them to. In other words, this is an opportunity to share your knowledge, educate and inspire relevant audience, and promote your personal and business brand.
Please don’t forget or neglect to read the Terms & Conditions when Registering and Applying as our Author and Contributor of the site.

What you can get from becoming a contributor

If you are wondering what are the benefits that you can get from contributing an article to our blog, I have enumerated the following advantages below:
  • You will have the opportunity to help, educate, and inspire people through your article.
  • You will have the opportunity to promote your personal brand, business, profession, and website through your author’s bio.
  • You will have the opportunity to prove your expertise, passion, and dedication to your business or profession.
  • The link to your website could drive relevant traffic to your site which could be your next customers or clients.
  • Your article will be published in our blog which is read by hundred thousand visitors every month.
  • Your article will be indexed and become searchable on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • Your article will also be shared in our social media network, like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin.

Requirements for applying as a contributor

To make sure that our contributors and our audience would get quality results and benefit from each other, we require the following for both the article and its contributor:
NOTE: Please be reminded that every author has a proof of certification issued by the PRC as a Professional or License Holder for Disclaimer Issues and Authority to stand in case of court trials and judgement, hence must have an eligible profile to public and online such as LinkedIn or Facebook Account and at least 2 Valid IDs of Professional to be presented
A. Requirements for the contributed article:
    • The article should be at least 500 words.
    • The article should be educational and informative (e.g., how to, guide, tips, treatments,management,trends,interventions and secrets to success articles).
    • The article should be credible and practically applicable.
    • The article should cover topic that is according or relevant to the expertise of the author or contributor.
    • The article should cover topics that are useful to our audience who are entrepreneur,nurses,physical therapist,radiologist,medical technologist,physicians and professionals.
    • The article should not be an advertorial post or article that is only written to promote the business or brand of the contributor. The company, website, and other info of the contributor will be specified in the author bio at the bottom of the post. We do not encourage guest blogging for links or Search Engine Optimization purposes.
  1. The article should be unique and must not be published elsewhere at all time. In other words, the article should only be exclusively published on this blog to avoid duplicate content.
B. Requirements for the contributor
  • The contributor should be an expert on the topic he/she is contributing.
  • The information on the contributor’s bio should be factual.
  • The company and website in the contributor’s bio should be owned or managed by the contributor.
  • The company, business or professional service of the contributor should be a duly registered business in the Philippines or in the country it is located.
  • The contributor can also opt to add his social media (e.g., Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter) profiles in his/her short bio. Company address and contact information would also be allowed if appropriate. The contributor’s short bio that will be shown at the bottom of his/her post should not exceed 60 words.

Steps for applying as a contributor

So are you ready to become a contributor? Here are the 3 steps to begin:
1. Check if you meet all the requirements above.
2. Send your article, author bio, author picture, and some background to support credibility of information on your author bio to admin at [email protected] with a subject “Article contribution”.
3. Wait for our reply. Once we’re done with the review of your article and other information, we will email you whether your article is approved or not. If not approved, we will give you the reasons for the disapproval. Please take note that due to several contributors that may be sending email to us, it may take 2-4 weeks before we can send you a reply.

Final reminders

By submitting your content to us, you understand and agree that:
1. Your article, once approved, will only be published exclusively for
2. We will have the right to edit and enhance your article or remove unnecessary and irrelevant words, phrases or links in your content to make it more relevant and useful to our audience before publishing.
3. We will not compensate contributors with money for their work. Contributors get value as listed in the paragraph “What you can get from becoming a contributor” above.
4. We reserve the right to modify any term and condition stated above as may be deemed necessary for new applicants.
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