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About Us

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Top Tips List is a Blog that is exclusively made for individuals for easy access and contact to fellow people and connect social site to social sites connect from local and abroad or even around the globe.  Top Tips List was intended to share every people their concerns and updates to where they are and what are the events happening around the globe, hence we are here to help to give you some “Top Tips List ,Files and Queries” for us to deliver you the fresh updates and info. Top Tips List was launched since on the first week of September 2013 and made for Filipino Community. This website was just not made personally but was mandated with some local or nation wide personnel and staffs from the other official websites. It was instructed to get persona connection for full authorization with accounts from a Filipino user to users. This site was encrypted by a PHP scripts and supported by high graded scripts to prevent from over flowing spammers and hackers. Security access was ensured for adjustments with the accounts and emails from the directed domains. Top Tips List don’t accused nor own any personal data of users from different country. If what content or data will be published to its content or personal information we don’t claim its accuracy of its location rather than IP tracking.

Top Tips List is powered by Blogger and to ensure its efficiency regarding to its terms and conditions. If you find something unethical with our juries diction it’s our own law to run the site. However, we look limitations to what we are applying. If you are interested enhancing the site. Don’t hesitate to contact our administrator through general messaging.

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We do look forward for your cooperation to invite and participate more with or activities inside the website. Hope we don’t abide the rules and policies of the site for its reputation and standing. Please Read Our Terms & Conditions before entering or signing up.